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1) About this agreement

   (1) The availability of the website or of all services or product sales that we provide will depend on the reliability of the information that the Buyer communicates to us.  To that end, the Buyer must ensure that all information is correct, accurate and up to date and that it conforms to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale available on www.iconikinterior.com. Please read the Confidentiality Policy attached to this document. We undertake to respect the privacy of the Buyer and to work to keep all information secure. In addition, we are obliged to guarantee the protection of your user name and password, as detailed in the User Agreement.


2) Consent

   (1) In using the internet site and its services, you are expressly consenting to our use of your information in the framework of this Policy.

   (2) If you are opposed to this principle, please DO NOT register yourself on our site and DO NOT use our site or its services.

   (3) In addition, we may sometimes collect additional personal information through on-site surveys which you are neither obliged to complete nor to send back to us.

   (4) If you provide us with information relating to another person or organization, we will assume that these persons have agreed to this and that you have a legal right to both furnish and use this information.   


3) Personal Information

   (1) The company DECIMAL CONCEPT, S.L. is responsible for processing personal data.

   (2) Unless otherwise agreed, the personal information that we have will be used, for example, to identify you, to provide you with services, to manage our site and company efficiently or to carry out analyses or market research.  Personal information will be used only by us, our affiliates and/or our parent company.

   (3) USERS (excluding Advertisers) – If you choose to subscribe to our Newsletter, you will receive new offers and information about our internet site. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the Newsletter at any time.  To unsubscribe just send your request to: [email protected].

   (4) This web site takes every precaution to protect our visitor’s information. When visitors submit sensitive information via the web site, their information is protected. Our order form asks customers to enter sensitive information (such as credit card number). That information is protected by 128-bit encryption via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) (Learn more about SSL technology here).


4) Non-Personal information

   (1) When you browse our internet site, some information is automatically captured and stored. However, this information cannot be used to identify you personally (or if applicable your company). We use this general information to analyse activity on our web site.

   (2) We use your IP address to help us identify you and to gather general socio-demographic information, to help us to diagnose problems with our server, to manage the site and for security reasons such as the detection of fraud.

   (3)  Cookies

                   (a) Like most sites we use “cookies”; i.e. files which the internet browsers place on the hard disk of a computer to allow us to follow your navigation habits and to ensure that your purchases are as customized and personalized as possible and to improve our site.  Cookies are not used to read any information stored on your hard disk and can never under any circumstances access cookies created by other internet sites.

                (b) By themselves, cookies cannot identify you personally. They simply recognize your browser. Unless you choose to identify yourself (for example by registering or buying on our site) you remain totally anonymous.

There are two types of cookie: session cookies and permanent cookies.

- Session Cookies only exist for the duration of your session online. They disappear from your hard disk when you exit the browser or when you switch off your computer.

- Permanent cookies remain on your disk even after you have closed your browser or switched off your computer. They hold information such as a unique identifier for your browser. We use these permanent cookies that only we can read and use, to analyse if you are a new or a regular customer and to follow your progress on the site.  We are very vigilant when it comes to the security and confidentiality of the data held in these permanent cookies. These cookies have a lifespan of two years.

                (c) Certain cookies are essential for the efficient functioning of some aspects of the website and have already been installed.  You have the option to delete these and to block other cookies coming from our site but this may make parts of our site inaccessible to you.  Users who deactivate their browser’s capacity to accept cookies from our internet site may still be able to browse our site but will not be able to use our site or our services fully.

                (d) Cookies allow us to store the shopping baskets of visitors to the site, to automatically store details such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address (but never bank details) to analyse browsing habits and to personalise our advertising banners.

                (e) Most cookies are designed to permit you to browse or to make browsing easier and are necessary if you want to use our online shop. The use of cookies, whether our own or those of a third party, which are not required for the site to work, requires your consent. You can agree to or oppose the use of cookies via settings on your connection profile. Please check your browser user guide for details about how to do this. 


5) Partners

    (1) If you access our site by clicking on a link from the internet site managed by one of our partners or if you are registered with one of our partners, some of the information that you have registered with our partner may be transferred to us. Consult the Confidentiality Policy of the site in question to familiarize yourself with how the information was collected and the uses to which you have agreed it can be put. In these situations we will only use the information in line with our own Confidentiality Policy and not that of our partner site.

    (2) If you access our internet site via the site of one of our partners (irrespective of whether you are registered with them or not) and you decide to register on our site, we may need to pass your details (in all or in part) to our partner.  The transmission of information will be made entirely within the framework of our confidentiality Policy but we cannot guarantee the use which will be made of it by our partner.  If you have any questions about the Confidentiality Policy of our partner sites please consult their policies before providing us with your details. If you visit our site directly rather than clicking through a link on one of our partner sites, you can be assured that the personal information that you provide us with will not be transmitted to our commercial partners (except those fulfilling the conditions set out in this Confidentiality Policy.


6) Changes to Information and Right of Access

   (1) You are reminded that the person whose personal data is processed has rights of access, of amendment and can oppose the processing of the data. You can exercise these rights by contacting our customer service by e-mail at [email protected].

   (2) You can ask for a copy of your personal details (for which we will charge a token handling fee). Please send your request for this to [email protected].  However this information will only be sent to the postal address that you originally provided us with unless you do not  provide us with your full postal address and expressly request that the information be sent by post (under the condition that this address is checked and found to be valid)


7) Requests

For all information concerning this Confidentiality Policy or your own personal details, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

We will do everything in our power to respond to your questions within 7 working days.